With our high-power transformers

you can overcome major challenges

Schneefuss + Rohde has joined other excellent and leading transformer manufacturers to face the future with complementary skills and innovation drive, and to strengthen its market position. Schneefuss + Rohde are expert in the manufacture of chokes, high-power transformers, inductors, windings, converters and EMC filters and produce a range of technical products to meet specific customer needs. Our product range offers you a wide variety of solutions.

A group has been formed which can respond to customers in an agile, fast, competent and reliable way. By combining the expertise of each company we ensure innovative and high-quality work. Our specialisation in the production of high-power-transformers has been appreciated and recognised by the other members of the group.

Engineers and technicians work directly with customers to produce high-quality power transformers or other components, all made possible by Schneefuss + Rohde's affiliation with the Schwa-Medico group and its integration into the Techpower Electronics Group.

We develop specific components, such as high-power transformers, chokes, inductors, windings or converters, used in drive-systems, marine and rail technology, and in wind energy. The extensive production capabilities and customer services enable us to meet market demand and gain a leading position in the market.

Our Company

Face future challenges with expertise and innovation. We are a company specialising in the production of inductors, transformers and EMC filters. From our headquarters in Scharnebeck (near Lüneburg/Lower Saxony, Germany), our engineers and technicians work closely with customers to develop ”best in class“ solutions for worldwide applications. We also apply our technological expertise to provide highly specialised components for the sectors of wind energy, drive-systems engineering, and marine and rail technology.

Incorporating SCHNEEFUSS + ROHDE GmbH into the TECH POWER ELECTRONICS GROUP has created strong new growth opportunities for complementary service products. SCHNEEFUSS + ROHDE aspires to the same high standards of quality as the entire TECH POWER ELECTRONICS GROUP.


Dirk Schneefuß
Managing director SCHNEEFUSS + ROHDE

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